The Lyre


The Lyre, the emblem of the Muse of Dance in Greek Mythology….

Lyra Activewear was inspired by motion.  It was created to provide hi-performance activewear that shapes, contours and enhances a woman’s body. Lyra Activewear is designed and crafted with high performance materials, such as SUPPLEX®, a revolutionary material that is transforming workouts around the world.  SUPPLEX® is fully breathable and lightweight fabric that delivers fluidity, comfort, and confidence during any type of workout.  It outlines your body, leaving you with seamless curves.  It feels soft against your skin as it flexes with you; and is extremely durable.  It goes beyond resisting wear and tears and “takes abuse like a pro,” always retaining its shape, wash after wash.  It also repels wind, dries fast, is wrinkle free, and resists color fading and bleeding, so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is making the most of your workout.

Our concept was born in South Beach, where a healthy and fit lifestyle reins, where vivid colors, textures, and adventurous style are a part of everyday fashion. Lyra Activewear was designed to be as vibrant, strong, and sexy as the women who use it. We started with SUPPLEX®, a high quality fabric, and transformed it into fashion forward activewear that is sure to build your motivation to move.